San Jose police union agrees to greater oversight with one stipulation

San Jose’s police officer's association on Monday signed agreement with the city, which will lead to greater oversight of the department by the independent police auditor.

But there is one stipulation.

The police union is on-board with greater oversight, but only after the current IPA, Aaron Zisser, is out of office.

Zisser announced last week he’s resigning amid withering criticism.

The POA has sought his ouster since June, when leaders hand-delivered a letter to the mayor’s staff asking Sam Liccardo and the city council to fire the independent police auditor for official misconduct.

In May, Zisser submitted his annual report which used percentages from the departments website dashboard to show disparities in how white and black suspects are treated differently in use of force case.

The mayor and council rejected the report on the grounds it was misleading.

The police union was incensed and collected 500 signatures from the rank and file seeking Zisser's ouster.

The agreement will have the same oversight as department internal investigations, expand oversight with regard to officer involved shootings, and allow the IPA to access aggregate use of force date where no complaint was filed.

Assistant IPA Shivaun Nurre will serve as IPA until the City Council selects a replacement, according to  Liccardo. Shivaun previously served as IPA during two other vacancies.

The San Jose city council must approve the deal, and then the entire union must ratify it. The final deal is expected to be finalized in October.