San Jose residents worried about rash of Willow Glen crime

Residents in San Jose’s Willow Glen neighborhood are raising concerns with a rash of crimes including burglaries, auto thefts and vandalism over the weekend. In one case, a man was assaulted after a teenager driving a stolen car crashed into his truck.

Mark Rubino considers himself lucky even though he has nine staples in his head after a group of young men attacked him early Saturday morning. 

“It was pretty bloody,” said Mark Rubino of San Jose. “There was blood down my back and my front.”

It started with a car crash on Pine Avenue. Rubino discovered a teenage girl driving a stolen car had crashed into his truck. He said when he tried to stop her, four teenage boys in another car got out and one of them hit him in the head. Police later told him the car was used in a robbery.

On Janis Way, Monica Proctor is changing her credit cards after a burglar kicked open her front door Friday around 4 a.m. stealing her purse, laptop, and phone.

“It’s terrible,” said Proctor. “I don't know why Willow Glen is being targeted but it just seems like things are happening right and left. It’s very scary especially he was so bold and my dogs were going crazy and he knew I was home and he didn't care.”

Vickie Maggetti is on the lookout for her Lexus that was stolen right from her driveway on Britton Avenue, as she was eating dinner in her backyard Sunday evening.

“We both came out and stared at the driveway for a full two minutes just baffled my car was gone,” said Maggetti. 

Police told her that her car was used in two other crimes. The Lexus has been spotted around town.

Marcie Ribero’s son is using acetone to clean up the gang graffiti on her trailer and her car that was parked on Minor Avenue Saturday night. She has no idea why she was targeted.

“I was in disbelief at first,” said Ribero. “I thought my son came up with some idea.”

All of these victims want to meet with police and want immediate solutions.            

“The police department is very well aware of all the crimes that are happening in San Jose and they are deployed and on top of it,” said San Jose Councilwoman Dev Davis. 

Davis, who represents Willow Glen, said police told her these crimes are not out of the ordinary during the summer. as young people are out of school. She encourages residents to form neighborhood watch groups.

Davis has tentatively scheduled a safety town hall meeting on August 30 with the police to address concerns.