San Jose State student recants Oregon kidnapping story, says it was fabricated

Detectives with the San Jose Police Department say a woman made up a story that she was kidnapped at knifepoint and taken to Oregon. On Tuesday evening police say the woman was located and interviewed. During the interview, she recanted her story and said she fabricated the entire incident. 

Police say the community is not at risk and there are no suspects wanted in this investigation. 

Over the weekend, a resident of Oregon found a 22-year-old "frightened" San Jose State University student running down a road Friday night who later told police she had been taken by knifepoint from her apartment in San Jose 10 hours earlier, the sheriff there reported

Coos County Sheriff's Sgt. Andrews said that the woman said she was taken outside of her apartment complex, and forced to drive in her own car from San Jose to the Bandon area of Oregon.

She told authorities that she had run out of gas, and when her car stopped, she ran away into high grass and stayed hidden for an hour or two. She was able to escape the suspect, described as a mixed-race Latino and African-American man in his 30s. He was last seen wearing a black hoodie, black baseball hat and black winter gloves. He has no facial hair. Andrews said the woman reported she did not know the suspect.

Eventually, she made it to Highway 101 and into the area of Prosper Junction, sheriff's officials said.

Police and deputies found her car near the road by old Rogge Forest Products planer mill at Bullards Bridge and Highway 101. Police sent dogs to sniff fro the suspect, to no avail.

The woman was taken back to the Bay Area where she was treated for her injuries; police said the suspect hit her.

Deputies had contacted authorities in San Jose, and San Jose State University helped find the woman some shelter at a safe place until her family could take her home.

On Saturday, the woman was interviewed again and the investigation was turned over to San Jose police. The FBI was also aware of her report.

Earlier on Tuesday, San Jose police issued a written statement about the case

"The San Jose Police Department is actively investigating this incident.  We are attempting to make contact with the victim.  We will release new information when it becomes available," the statement said.