San Jose student’s car keys stolen from 24 Hour Fitness locker, car stolen too

A college student in San Jose said thieves took the car keys from her gym locker at 24 Hour Fitness and then stole her car. It was her first car and a graduation gift from her mother who immigrated from Vietnam with little money.

19-year-old Vy Pham parked her 2018 White Toyota Camry outside the 24 Hour Fitness on 2323 McKee Road in East San Jose last Wednesday. 

At 9 p.m., Pham worked out at the 24 Hour Fitness location. She said she was in a rush and for the first time, didn’t lock her locker. Around 11 p.m., she noticed the car keys stashed inside her locker were missing. The front desk told her to check if her car was missing too. She went outside and saw her car was gone.

“I was just shocked,” said Pham. “At the time, I wanted to find out what happened.”

Surveillance video from the plaza showed a couple walking around the parking lot. In the video, a woman is seen running away as the man drives off with the car.

“All we need is a recording from 24 Hour Fitness since they have a clear camera in the front and they can see who comes in and comes out,” said Pham.

Pham said 24 Hour Fitness told her police needed to contact them for the video. Pham said police told her it was a low-priority crime.

“It’s not the top of their list to go and call the establishments that would have the footage,” said Pham.

“Smashed windows, there's glass around here a lot, there's always cops around here,” said Alvin Tran of San Jose.

Patrons said they feel bad for the victim but aren’t surprised.

“If they said they broke into it, I would probably would feel more sorry for her,” said Ann Do of San Jose. “At the same time, you keep everything in your car.”

Pham not only cherishes the car but the items inside. She said inside the car were pictures and school supplies including a tablet that she bought with scholarship money.

She’s asking people to be on the lookout and warning fellow members to not be as trusting. She called it a crime of opportunity.

“Just probably keep your stuff on you because I know 24 Hour is not going to take responsibility if you lose anything,” said Pham.

24 Hour Fitness issued a statement that said the club is aware of the incident and is working with local authorities. The statement did not say why the club wouldn't release the video to her.

Police said so far, no suspects have been caught.