San Mateo brothers, 10 and 13, sell toys to raise money for Lahaina

In the wake of the devastating wildfires in Lahaina, Maui, two young brothers from San Mateo are the latest in the Bay Area to come up with a unique fundraiser to help with the recovery effort. 

Nicolo Felice, 10 and his brother Leonardo, 13 sold off their toys last week during a garage sale at their home.

"When I saw the video of how it burned down, my heart went like bam," said Nicolo, who visited Lahaina with his brother in June.

The pair eclipsed their goal of $1,500 on Monday. 

At last count, the Felice brothers have raised $1,539.25.  

"I feel like really happy about it, because this money is a lot, and it can really help some people who really need the money," said Leonardo.  

Some of the money was raised through the toy garage sale, and the rest online through a GoFundMe campaign, which is still ongoing.  

"Some of them weren’t as hard to get rid of," said Leonardo. "But there were a couple of them that I kind of felt bad about giving up."  

"It’s overwhelming to watch them want to give back," said their mother, Lisa Felice. "I think they were really devastated by seeing the homes destroyed, knowing that children lived there, that possibly they met these children."  

The brothers say the success of their first fundraiser has inspired them to hold future benefits for Lahaina, which may include selling additional toys.