San Mateo County Fair kicks off with free admission for attendees who get the vaccine

The thrill of the San Mateo County fair is back and so is the crowd. 

"I haven’t seen this many people in so long," said Caroliny Moura, San Mateo County. 

The fair kicked off on Saturday with all the fair must haves: food, games, and rides. 

But, there's something new at the fair: a chance to get vaccinated.

"I feel like the world is kind of coming back to action and it feels good," said Caroliny Moura, San Mateo County. 

The fairgrounds was the first mass vaccination site in the Bay Area. So, when the fair was officially approved to open the staff wanted to continue that partnership with the county, offering free admission to those who get the shot on site. 

"It’s a great way to get your vaccine in, go to the fair, enjoy, have a good time and have a sense of normalcy and say bye bye to COVID," said Dana Stoehrceo, San Mateo Event Center and Fairgrounds coordinator.

But, admission isn't the only perk of getting your vaccine at the fairgrounds. 

"You get $20 food voucher, four free carnival rides, and you get admission," said Stoehrceo.  

By four on Saturday evening, more than two hundred people had been vaccinated at the fair. 

Although there are slight changes to the fair to accommodate the 35% capacity COVID rule, you're still sure to feel the magic of the San Mateo County fair. 

"Actually, we sat down in the grass and was like this is enjoyable," said Marquise Murphy who was there with his family. 

"Everyone’s being safe, everyone’s actually being really nice to each other, keeping their distance as much as possible," he said. 

Many attendees shared that this year's fair is special. 

"We’ve been cooped up for so long and it’s finally time to feel some fresh air and enjoy the time and see people and feel normal again," said Tamer Abualhsan who came from Daly City with his wife to attend the fair. 

"It feels so good like I feel great to be back outside. It’s been really boring in the house and now that I get to bring my daughter out. I feel really good," said San Francisco's Leanna Walker.

After canceling the fair last year due to COVID-19, the San Mateo County fair is finally getting back to doing what it does best: entertaining and bringing people together. 

"It’s a beautiful day and it feels nice to just be alive, ya know. I’m grateful," said Moura. 

The fair wraps up on June 13, the fair is closed on the seventh and eighth. Masks are required and temperatures will be taken at the entrance. Find out more details about the vaccine and more by visiting