San Mateo County Superior Court will relocate jury selection to provide social distancing

File Photo. The San Mateo County Hall of Justice in Redwood City, Calif.

The San Mateo County Superior Court in September will move jury selection for trials scheduled for the Hall of Justice in Redwood City to the Event Center in San Mateo.

The move will happen sometime after Sept. 7, according to a news release from the County Manager's Office on Tuesday. 

The change is being made to provide a large, well-ventilated space for safe social distancing during the interview and selection process, officials said. 

"The court hopes to address the large backlog of jury trials that has accumulated as a result of the pandemic and the associated social distancing and shelter-in-place orders," Court Executive Officer Neal Taniguchi said in a statement.

While jury selection will be held at the Event Center, trials will be conducted in Redwood City or South San Francisco.

Jury selection for trials scheduled for the Northern Branch court facility in South San Francisco may also move to the Event Center. Prospective jurors will receive reporting instructions when the moves take place.

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