San Rafael security guard breaks up violent carjacking attempt: police

San Rafael police are commending a security guard at a shopping center for intervening during a violent carjacking attempt and catching the alleged suspect.

Sgt. Justin Graham said that as a result, the security guard, Justin Williams, ended up placing Edward Ganny Carroll, 41, of San Rafael into handcuffs. 

As police tell it, a man had parked his car Monday just before 4:45 p.m. at the Montecito Shopping Center on 3rd Street. 

 While he was getting out of their car, Carroll demanded the man's keys and began to punch and strike him violently, police said. 

The man tried to push Carroll away, but the attack continued.

Carroll kept demanding the man's keys and tried to get into the still-open car, police said.

Williams, who was working nearby, saw what was happening and jumped in between Carroll and the man, police said.

Carroll tried to run away.

But he tripped and fell.

Williams caught up to him. The two fought, police said, but the security guard was able to cuff Carroll. 

Police officers arrived and took Carroll into custody.  During the investigation, officers watched nearby surveillance video that showed what happened.

Police said the man suffered minor injuries to his head and face but did not need to go to the hospital.

Police said there is no connection between the victim and Carroll and this was a random attack. Williams was not injured during the incident.

In a statement to KTVU, Williams said, "Responding to this event was instinctual on my part as I wanted to get the victim out of that situation. I’m extremely grateful that the victim isn’t seriously injured and that the suspect is being held accountable."

Carroll, who has an extensive criminal history, was booked into the Marin County Jail for felony attempted carjacking and felony robbery and is being held in lieu of $150,000 bail.