Santa Clara County sees upward trend in COVID-19 infections

Health officials in Santa Clara County have noticed a "sharp increase" in COVID-19 infections throughout the county. 

The county's top health leader Dr. Sara Cody warned the county could move into the more restrictive "red" or "purple" tiers on the state's COVID-19 blueprint based on current trends. 

"Our case counts are starting to surge and starting to look like most of the country," Cody said. She added that the increase could lead to a rise in hospitalizations.

Cody pointed out that Santa Clara County saw a swell in cases back in July that was slow to mitigate, but thanks local and state actions to mitigate the spread of the virus. 

By the beginning of October, daily COVID-19 cases in Santa Clara County was down to down double digits. But as the month progressed cases started to drift up. 

"What's happened in the last week, it is no longer a drift. Our cases are surging up and that is cause for concern," Cody said. 

Health officials said it's unclear the driving force behind the surge in cases. But some factors could have played a hand such as the Halloween weekend or pandemic fatigue as California already eight months into the pandemic. 

Health experts urged every community member to do their part by adhering to safety protocols and social distancing guidelines. 

"What each of us does every day really matters. An increase in cases is both a risk for the health of our community as well as for the health of our economy," Cody said.

As for Thanksgiving plans, Dr. Cody says she will spend the holiday with her mother who is in her 80s. They will stay outside, 10-feet apart and covered in blankets. 

KTVU's Maureen Naylor contributed to this report.