Santa Clara family files assault charges against teens in viral video

A family in Santa Clara says they’ve filed charges against two teen boys who were seen on video punching their 13-year-old son as he headed home from walking their dog. The video went viral after the boy’s older sister posted about it on Instagram.   

On Saturday, October 8, the 13-year-old boy says he was walking home around 5:20 p.m. when two teenage boys started following him home. The video shows him standing in the doorway of his home with the two boys, and at least one of them punching him in the face.  

"The first thing I do is check the camera when I get home. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was livid. I was upset," said Nina Leslie Comilang, the boy's 20-year-old sister, who's speaking on behalf of her family.   

Comilang, says when she got home from work, her brother told her he’d been having issues with the boys for a while but never told his family until this happened. 

"He was being followed all the way to our house. As he begged one of the kids, he said I will give you $50. Just don’t hit me, don’t hurt me, leave me alone. They didn’t care. They continued to corner him and bully him," Comilang said.   

Comilang says she wanted people to know what happened to her brother and to take a public stand against what she says is blatant bullying. She made this post on Instagram and thousands of people viewed the video and commented on the post. The story attracted national attention.  

"Mentally and emotionally right now, it’s a very traumatizing experience. It’s a very traumatizing experience for him, and for our family. Right now, he’s not ok. He’ scared to go to school. He’s scared to even walk out our door alone," Comilang said.  

Comilang says police have identified the two teens in the video and her family will press charges. As a safety precaution, they’ve also filed restraining orders.   

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"I feel like you can’t really ever be safe even if the area you’re in is a safe place. It’s kind of hard to come out now without having to look over our shoulders and worry about our safety or our loved one’s safety," Comilang said.   

Because they are minors, KTVU didn’t use the names of the boys involved. Santa Clara Police also said they won’t comment on this case for their protection.