Santa Clara homeowner shoots alleged prowler who kicked open door

A 51-year-old Santa Clara homeowner shot an alleged prowler who police say was sneaking around in the backyard and then broke a window and kicked in the back door to get in. 

Santa Clara police said that the suspect, Spencer Olson, 26, of Los Gatos, was taken to the hospital after he was shot on Sunday morning and then arrested on burglary charges.

Police said the homeowner has been cooperative.

Police said that the sleeping homeowner had been awakened by Olson just before 2 a.m. in the 1000 block of Santa Clara Street.

He then called police to say a man was in his backyard and then began pounding and kicking in doors and windows.

When Olson "forcibly kicked open a rear door," police said the homeowner fired "multiple shots" at him. 

On July 6, a similar situation occurred in the North Bay. 

A homeowner eating breakfast with his wife heard a man kicking open his door and breaking in to his home on his surveillance camera.

He then shot the intruder twice with his legally owned .357 Magnum, according to a Facebook post from Councilwoman Catherine Moy. 

The suspect fled the house and collapsed across the street. Police said they found a loaded semi-automatic handgun with an extended magazine next to his body.

If anyone has information regarding the Santa Clara incident, they should contact Detective Sergeant Jake Malae at (408) 615-4846, Detective Adam Wilson at (408) 615-4818 or via the Anonymous Tip Line at (408)615-4TIP (4847).