Santa Rosa police investigate death of infant child

In Santa Rosa, police are investigating the death of an infant.

The body was discovered inside a home beside an unconscious adult.

Both the child and adult were found inside a home on Darek drive just before 1 p.m. Saturday afternoon. Police are still trying to piece together what happened.

The pain and anguish was clearly visible as several women consoled each other outside the home on Darek drive.

Police say a woman went to the home Saturday afternoon to check on the occupants and discovered the man and child.

"So medical personnel was on scene, and they immediately began performing life saving efforts, but unfortunately the child has passed away from the injuries," said Lieutenant Dan Marincik with the Santa Rosa Police.

Police say, in a back bedroom, the body of the 13-month-old boy was found next to an unconscious 29-year-old male identified as Patrick O'Neill.

"I can tell you there's no signs of physical trauma to the child, and I can tell you there were narcotics found inside of the room," said Marincik.

Police say O'neill is recovering from injuries at a local hospital and when released will be charged with murder.

"We've determined that the child was placed in a situation by that 29-year-old male that caused their death," said Marincik.

Police say O'Neill rented a room at the home and that he and the child are related.

Neighbors we spoke to say they don't know much about who lives in the home, but they are stunned by what was discovered.

"I've been here 16 years and it's been really quiet, a good neighborhood. Kind of strange something like this would happen," said Rich Glaser.

One neighbor says he knows Patrick O'Neill and that the man works as a painter.

The same neighbor tells us the 13-month old is O'Neill's son.