Search for woman missing in Alameda Creek continues

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A portion of Niles Canyon Road will close today to continue the search for the missing 18-year-old woman who drove into the Alameda Creek last week. 

More than 100 members of trained search and rescue teams will work to locate the body of Jayda Jenkins, a woman from Tracy. 

The road will close between Fremont and Mission. 

Crews found what they believe is the 18-year-old's Honda Accord at about 11:30 a.m. Monday, but dangerous conditions caused by the swiftly moving, unusually high waters of the creek prevented them from bringing the
car to shore until Tuesday.

Jayda's mom says, "She's amazing, she's a wonderful student, a beautiful human being... she's the one everyone goes to when they need encouragement." 

Jayda's mom says she has hope that Jayda may still be found - maybe in a hospital. 

Authorities say Jayda's seatbelt was unfastened. They add she always wears her seatbelt so they believe she likely took it off at some point inside the car.