Section of Highway 1 in Big Sur washes away during storms

A section of Highway 1 in Big Sur has washed away into the ocean during this week's storms.

A photo from the California Highway Patrol shows that the highway at Mile Marker 30 near the Big Creek Bridge is now gone. The road continues to erode as debris and water continue to flow down off the Big Sur mountains.

Mud and debris block the rest of the road, something that happens a lot along the Big Sur coast during winter.

A drone captured this footage showing where the picturesque roadway near had been washed away.

Flooding, fallen trees and debris blocked other sections.

Authorities have closed Highway 1 between Deetjen's Big Sur Inn and Ragged Point in San Luis Obispo County, but said that businesses to the north are open and accessible.

Still, the Monterey County Sheriff's office warned would-be travelers to avoid the area.

"Be aware that you cannot travel through Big Sur to Southern California. There are no side roads over the mountains once you past 9sic0 the Carmel area. If you are coming from the south you cannot travel to Northern California," the sheriff's office said.