Video: SF Public Works inspector seen aggressively knocking over food vendor's cart

San Francisco city officials have launched an investigation after a public works inspector was seen chasing down a food vendor and aggressively knocking over his hot dog cart.

Instagram user Edin Alex Enamorado / @enamoradoalex_ posted video of the confrontation which occurred on Sunday near Pier 41 in the Fisherman's Wharf area. 

After shoving over the cart, the inspector, who’s dressed in a yellow and orange public works vest, then starts picking up the items that have spilled onto the ground.  

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Enamorado said that the city worker needed to be held accountable and should be fired.

In a statement released to KTVU, public works communications director Rachel Gordon said, "We are continuing the investigation into the incident on Sunday, Oct. 1, 2023, in which one of our street inspectors working a multi-agency unpermitted food vending operation can be seen on video pushing over a street vendor’s hot dog cart."

Gordon went on to say that the agency was still looking into what led up to the moment but that its workers were trained to treat the public with respect during enforcement operations. And the agency issued an apology. 

"We train our employees in de-escalation techniques with the goal of diffusing tense situations. In this circumstance, we did not meet that threshold and we apologize," Gordon said.

SF Public Works said that it would take the appropriate action in accordance with the city's employee policies and procedures, once its investigation into the incident was complete.