SF supervisor candidate refers to Jewish journalist as a Nazi

A woman running for San Francisco supervisor called a Jewish Bay Area journalist a Nazi, after he reported that she changed her address several times to wind up in District 4, where she plans to run, prompting a city investigation. 

On Tuesday, Leanna Louie was interviewed by a KQED reporter, and later used the news outlet’s photobooth to take photos that she shared in her post on Instagram and Facebook.

 "Have I shared these fun photos we took at KQED," she wrote. "It was so nice to talk to a journalist who actually had a dialogue with me. Unlike Joe EskeNAZI…"

Eskenazi is a veteran journalist and managing editor of Mission Local. 

In the same antisemitic post, Louie referred to Chris Thomas and Ann Ravel, two election experts quoted in Eskenazi’s most recent story, as "his friends" and "members of the Weather Underground," a radical left-wing terror group most active in the 1970s.

Eskenazi told Mission Local that he is "used to stuff like this ever since grade school when they teach non-Jews what the Holocaust is." 

Louis later edited her posts to remove the Nazi reference in all capital letters. 

Still, Louie faced criticism.

State Sen. Scott Wiener, who is also Jewish, tweeted: "It’s deeply harmful to use the word "Nazi" to refer to anyone who isn’t an actual Nazi, particularly when directed at a Jew. The actual Nazis killed 6 million Jews & millions others. Their lives are devalued by this kind of rhetoric."

The San Francisco Examiner’s editorial board has called for Louie to withdraw her candidacy, writing that the post was an "ugly, bigoted attack."