SFPD ID 10 officers who shot 99 rounds, killing 19-YO suspect

SAN FRANCISCO (BCN) Police have identified the ten San Francisco police officers who opened fire a total of 99 times at an allegedly armed 19-year-old, fatally striking him about 25 times, last week in the city's Mission District.

The officers have been identified as Stephen Cassinelli, Corbyn Carroll, Loren Chiu, John Ishida, Juan Gustilo, Nicholas Nagai, Sean O'Rourke, Colby Smets, Ari Smith-Russack and Joshua Tupper, according to police.

Police did not say how long each of the officers has been with the department.

The ten officers opened fire at Jesus Adolfo Delgado-Duarte, as he lay in the trunk of a Honda Civic, after he allegedly shot first, police said.

The March 6 shooting unfolded when two people said they had been robbed at gunpoint by the occupants of a black Honda Civic. After locating a vehicle matching that description on Capp Street near 21st Street around 10:35 p.m., officers ordered all of the Honda's occupants out.

Victor Navarro-Flores, 19, eventually exited the driver's seat and officers detained him.

Officers then ordered Delgado-Duarte out of a halfway open trunk, where he allegedly was hiding. After yelling several commands at him, first in English and then in Spanish, officers fired a beanbag round at him.

A short time later, Delgado-Duarte fired a gun from inside the trunk, according to police.

In response, the 10 officers fired their weapons at him, killing him. Delgado-Duarte was pronounced dead at the scene, police said.

After the shooting, an 18-year-old woman who was still inside the car was ordered out and detained. She was apparently uninjured.

Police said officers recovered a 9mm handgun from the Honda's trunk.

Several community groups have expressed outrage over the shooting. Mission-based activist group Justice for Luis Gongora Pat has specifically asked SFPD to release the police audio of the incident and the names of all the officers involved, including the officer who gave Delgado-Duarte the 
commands in Spanish.

According to Delgado-Duarte's family, he had lived most of life in San Francisco, coming from Mexico when he was young and attending Bryant Elementary School, Aptos Middle School and Life Learning Academy.

The Honda's driver, Navarro Flores, is being charged with robbery and made an appearance in court this morning. He is out of custody and was wearing an ankle monitor. He has not entered a plea.

Delgado-Duarte's death is being investigated by several agencies including the Police Department's homicide detail and internal affairs division, the San Francisco District Attorney's Office and the Department of Police Accountability.

WARNING: Graphic video