SFPD officer's slain wife, Stacee Etcheber, laid to rest after Vegas shooting

The body of a Novato woman, shot and killed in the Las Vegas massacre, was finally laid to rest today.
Thousands of people attended the funeral mass for 50-year-old Stacee Etcheber, the wife of a San Francisco police officer.

The funeral mass, at St. Mary's Cathedral, was befitting of an officer, complete with bagpipes, SFPD's mounted unit and motorcade.

With Stacee's death unfolding so publicly, the family wanted to say goodbye to her privately and asked media not attend the service inside the church.

SFPD Officer Robert Rueca read a statement on the Etcheber family's behalf:

"The passing of Stacee, a wife, a mother and a friend to many has been a tough and trying time for our family. With this horrific experience, we've experienced unimaginable pain but out of this darkness the love and support that surrounds us has brought us light that comforts us everyday."

Officers from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department attended the funeral, which was standing room only.

"Our officers assisted [the Etchebers] the night when they came to Las Vegas...looking for her so we had a personal connection," said Lt. Raymond Spencer, LVMP.

Stacee was described by friends as a go-getter, a devoted wife and mother who spoke her mind and loved to ride horses.

Many friends donned orange ribbons, Stacee's favorite color.

One of the most poignant parts of the ceremony happened when Reverend Michael Quinn shared a story about the Etcheber children. Both 12-year-old Alivia and 10-year-old Vincent scored the winning goals at their soccer games this past weekend.

Alivia told Rev. Quinn that she felt a breeze pick up at that very moment, and remarked how her mom always loved to whistle.

"We just wanted to support our brother Vinnie and say goodbye to Stacee in a right way and just let the family know we're going to support them and we're going to continue to support them," said SFPD Assistant Chief Toney Chaplin.

Friends have set up a GoFundMe for the Etcheber children.