SFPD pays for homeless mother, son's stay at hotel

A homeless mom got a helping hand from San Francisco police after she and her son were turned away from shelters.

The woman was initially supposed to stay with a friend after being evicted from her apartment in another city, but when she got arrived in San Francisco; she couldn't get ahold of her friend.

The mother and her 15-year-old son tried to find a place to stay, but they were turned away from several shelters.

The boy is autistic and the shelters said they weren't able to accommodate minors with disabilities.

An officer, who was called to one of the shelters, did what he could to help find a place for them to stay.

The officer, along with fellow officers at the station, paid for the pair to stay at the Hilton Hotel downtown for both Saturday and Sunday night.

The group of officers spent a total of $400 for the pair's hotel stay along with groceries.

"Who knows where they could've ended up, but when we got the call our goal was - we're not going to have them end up on the street," said Officer Brian Kneuker.

Officers plan to take the mother and son to the Department of Human Services on Monday morning, to help them find another place to stay.