SFPD respond to 'unlawful assembly' involving illegal 4th of July fireworks in the Mission

San Francisco Police Department say they responded to an "unlawful assembly" in the Mission District on Tuesday night where they dispersed a crowd of hundreds, who were setting off illegal fireworks. 

Police said the crowd gathered from about 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. on Harrison Street between 24th and 26th streets on the 4th of July. Police said the crowd began to engage in "stunt driving" in addition to throwing bottles, directing fireworks at officers, as well as uninvolved vehicles that were passing by. 

SFPD respond to an "unlawful assembly" with tactical gear on 4th of July. 

Police said they gave multiple orders for the crowd to disperse before officers in tactical gear responded to carry out the order. 

Video posted to social media shows the SFPD, clad with riot shields and batons, some on motorcycles, rushing the crowd and yelling for them to move. 

Police said no arrests were made. 

SFPD said no officers or civilians were injured. However, Mission Local reported at least one woman was shoved and hurt by an officer. Additionally, a man told the outlet that he was on the phone when he was hit by an officer in the back of his knee with the officer's baton. 

SFPD respond to an "unlawful assembly" with tactical gear on 4th of July.