Sharks beat Oilers in first game of Stanley Cup Playoffs 2017

It was a big night in San Jose Wednesday with a Game One victory for the Sharks in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The San Jose Sharks defeated the Edmonton Oilers 3-2.

Fans at the Sharks official watch party at Rookie’s Sports Bar hope this year, they'll win the cup after last year's bittersweet disappointment. 

“This is the one day out of the year I look forward to the most,” said Darren Porras of San Jose.

“We got so close,” said Elaine Nacht of Campbell. “I think this year we are going to get even closer and get it.”

Hopes are high after the Sharks made it to the Stanley Cup Finals last year. It was the first time ever in the team's 25-year history. However, the team fell two games short after losing to the Pittsburg Penguins.

“Last year I made every single playoff game, every home game except the final game so I blame myself for not winning the cup,” said Maria Habiger of Campbell.

Key player Logan Couture is back on the ice, out for three weeks, after the center took a puck to the face. Another fan favorite Joe Thornton is still healing from a lower body injury.

“I’m disappointed but I hope he comes later in the series,” said Andrew Fullerton of Boulder Creek. “If he comes back, I’m hopeful he'll be stronger.”

Despite injuries, fans are optimistic, especially with goalie Martin Jones.

“Good luck getting one past Jones,” said Jeff Minton of San Jose. “He is looking really good this season."

“The beauty of the Stanley Cup playoffs is all it takes for a team to get in and once you get in really anything can happen,” said San Jose Sharks Spokesman Jim Sparaco.

The Sharks organization is hoping to spread Sharks fever throughout the Bay Area. One home in Los Gatos was one of five chosen to be painted in teal just in time for the playoffs.

“We are going to keep it and rules of the contest are you have to keep it at least a year and it had to be 75 percent teal,” said Robert Beech of Los Gatos.

All of them are hoping for a deep run. The longer the Sharks are in the series, it’s a win for business and the City of San Jose.

“It’s nice for every business,” said Rookie’s Owner Michael Hobson. “It brings people out, people travel. It gets the energy up and everyone is out having a good time.”

Sharks play the Oilers again on Friday in Edmonton in the best of seven series. The first home game is on Sunday.