Sheriff issues 145 parking citations near Stinson Beach

The Marin County Sheriff's Office urged people to be respectful of homeowners who live near Stinson Beach.

That means paying attention to posted signs saying to not block driveways and avoid parking on landscaping.

On Saturday, deputies issued 145 parking citations to drivers who didn't pay attention to the rules, and instead, headed right to the beach. 

Over the weekend, Stinson Beach was crowded due to the excessive heat and long holiday weekend.

Parking lots were full before noon. 
One family came all the way from the Central Valley to escape the heat, starting their road trip to Stinson Beach before sunrise.

"We're trying to get away from the heat in the valley," said Santiago Enriquez.

The same was true at other beaches, like Ocean Beach in San Francisco as well, where firefighters were warning people about rip currents.

And there were major traffic jams on the roads in places like Half Moon Bay, and on Highway 17 to and from Santa Cruz.