Berkeley brothers killed at birthday party were targeted

The party where two teenage brothers were shot and killed was hosted at an Airbnb rental, according to police. 

Officials believe two shooters targeted the brothers when they invaded the house party in West Oakland. The shooting is not believed to be group- or gang-related.

"We believe this is the result of a conflict," Armstrong said. "It may have happened at the school previously. We do believe three individuals came in a vehicle, entered the home, two of which began to fire rounds."

Oaklnd Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong said it was disheartening that two young lives are among the latest victims of gun violence in Oakland.

"What's happening in our community when it comes to our young people is unacceptable," said Armstrong.

The two brothers, Jayz Sotelo Garcia, 17, and, Angel Sotelo Garcia, 15 attended Berkley High School. On Monday, students and staff reacted with sadness and shock.

"Honestly, I haven't really accepted it right now," said student Emily Burgos, who knew the victims. "I was with them 30 minutes before this happened, and I told them I'll see them on Monday."

The shooting happened at about 9:45 p.m. Saturday at an Airbnb rental on Apgar Street near West MacArthur Boulevard in West Oakland, where a 17-year-old girl was celebrating her birthday. At least two people opened fire, one with a rifle, the other with a handgun, the chief said.

Two other teens attending the party were wounded.

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Airbnb has banned all parties at its rentals for years. The party over the weekend was unauthorized, and the parent who rented it has been removed from the platform.

Counselors are being provided for students and staff at Berkeley High School. 

"It's really sad that guns have impacted a bunch of people, especially the kids, which is really said," said Berkeley High student Doris Calderon.

Berkeley schools superintendent Enikia Ford Morthel said, "This is a really hard time for all of us.  Never, ever should a community be devastated like this, and we are coming together to heal together, to be of service and to be in community with the family 

Cesar Barragan came to campus to report that his son, a friend of the brothers, was too devastated to come to school Monday.

"Guns are just too available. Way too available," Barragan said. "He's devastated about what happened. The two kids that were killed were just normal kids, very involved in soccer. My son has been crying a lot."