Shoppers in Walnut Creek brave the rain for holiday deals

Sporadic rain fell throughout parts of the Bay area, but the stormy weather is far from over.

That whooshing sound could be heard as tires rolled along wet roads.

Umbrellas were the necessary accessory of the day at Walnut Creek's Broadway Plaza.

Even one pooch prepared for potential puddles with paw protectors.

For a recent Bay Area transplant, this fresh round of rain is a welcome sight.

"I came here in May and this is the first I've seen rain since I've been here so I'm extremely excited to see a little bit of precipitation in the air, said Robert Oberhofer."

“Actually it's really great to be out in the wet a little bit where the air is fresh and a little bit humid, it's great, said Christian Rachowicz.” 

After a brief bit of puddle stomping, two young twins aptly described the days weather in the East Bay.

"I think it's a little bit rainy and then it stops and rains again,” said Jesse Thiel.

"It's really cloudy and it's dark clouds,” said Austin Thiel. 

With umbrellas overhead and parkas over the shoulders, some say they braved the elements to get out and enjoy a bit of holiday cheer.

"That's definitely part of it. There's kind of a frenzy and the good parts are the cheer and the decorations and all that its pleasant despite the weather”, said Michael Westerman.

Ironically, at Everything But Water, which sells women's swim attire, sales were reported to be brisk.

The manager of Rituals - dealing in bath and body care -- says people shopping online to avoid the rain are missing out.

"Being able to see it online is one thing but to be able to try and feel it in person is a totally different experience, said Chanel Scott"

As the rain put a slight damper on holiday shopping, those twin future meteorologists summed up the divide in the type of weather some Bay Area residents prefer during the holiday season.

"Sunnier.  WHY? because I could go to the park,” said Austin Thiel.

"I would rather be like this because it's super fun in the rain," said Jesse Thiel.