Sierra LaMar: Family speaks out after guilty verdict

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The man charged with kidnapping and killing Morgan Hill teenager, Sierra LaMar, was found guilty Tuesday morning, of  all charges, including first-degree murder.

Antolin Garcia-Torres had no reaction, when the guilty verdicts were read. Court observers described him as "stone faced." Read more about the case and verdict here. Read the full story here. 

Sierra LaMar's father spoke after the verdict was read saying, "Justice was served here today, justice for Sierra so that gives us some relief, but it will never take away that grief. That will be with us forever." He added, "There will never be closure... but it helps."

Sierra LaMar's mother spoke saying, "Nothing will take away the pain and sorrow that we experience every day and we will continue to experience for the rest of our lives but truly we've being praying for the chapter to have this type of ending - justice. And believing it and knowing that God is there for us every day. We just believe in that and we're grateful to the jurors for coming to the right decision. And it gives us peace as a family to know this isn't going to happen to another child and that they can't get away with something like this."

Watch the news conference with the family here 

The jury, which began deliberating Thursday morning after a three-month trial and announced that they had reached a verdict Monday afternoon, also convicted Garcia-Torres of the attempted kidnappings of three women in Safeway parking lots in 2009.

More than 100 members of the public attended this morning's verdict reading, requiring the courthouse to provide a live stream of the proceedings in a second courtroom.

Jurors will now select between a sentence of death or life without the possibility of parole, and prosecutors and defense attorneys will be allowed to present evidence.