Silicon Valley Auto Show kicks it into gear with cars from nearly 30 manufacturers

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From the most expensive car in the show, a $540,000 Lamborghini Aventador S, to the most sensible, the Silicon Valley Auto Show has something for everyone.

The four day event at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center put hundreds of cars from nearly 30 manufacturers on display.

Manufacturers show off new 2019 models and 2020 pre-production models not even for sale yet for potential car buyers.

From classic to exotic, the show has its options, but for the Bay Area there’s one type of car that’s more popular than others, “25% of vehicles sold in 2018 in Santa Clara County were either electric or hybrid so really seeing a lot more all electric vehicles on the marketplace,” said DeeDee Taft, spokesperson for SV Auto Show.

Whether you’re looking for a new car or just dreaming of a day you can drive away in a luxury car, the family friendly event brought the kid out in everyone, “Really a lot of excitement we always see people get interested in what’s new and what’s out there,” said Taft.