Silicon Valley mom's job posting for super nanny who can ski, cook vegan, play piano goes viral

((Photo by Matt Jonas/Digital First Media/Boulder Daily Camera via Getty Images))

A job posting for a nanny in the Silicon Valley area is garnering a bunch of attention for its very long list of requirements. 

A parent's job is never complete and some adults need extra hands to help with the kids. 

A woman in the South Bay, who's balancing both motherhood and running a company, is looking to hire a house manager-cook-lifeguard-nanny, all in one, for her 10-year-old twins. 

The mom CEO posted the job listing on staffing site The Calendar Group and her nanny requirements go far beyond the normal grocery store runs and pick-ups and drop-offs. 

The perfect candidate must be able to cook vegan, play the piano or guitar, a strong swimmer who can bodysurf, and have experience driving in other countries. 

The preferred work schedule when not traveling is five days a week, Sunday through Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

Here are a few more responsibilities the nanny will be tasked with: 

*Assist 10-year old's with light homework in long division, subtraction, and writing. Play math games with them such as "how much fish should we buy today for five of us?" and "How long will it take us to drive to the snow if it's 150 miles and we go 50 miles an hour?"

*Strategically think through vacation options based on the developmental levels of the kids and the need for the mom to relax. 

*Conduct research into vegan recipes and make modifications to regular recipes. 

*Can build alliances with other kids' parents and nannies and arrange play date and joint travel with other families

*Willing to work out together in the home gym with the mom and throw a water polo ball in the pool (preferred) 

*Monitor and track purchases and make returns on time 

*Lead, supervise and support members of the household staff who have varying degrees of education, experience, and maturity

Some will agree that when it comes to children there is no limit to the things a parent will do, but this mom is in need of Superwoman so she may have better luck recruiting through DC Comics.