Sleepless night for some lucky Curry pop-up ticket holders, others disappointed

Thursday's line in front of the Stephen Curry pop-up store on Oakland's Ninth Street stretched around two corners and three blocks.

First in line was a Pleasant Hill woman who said she got there at 7 p.m. Wednesday night.

She came to get free tickets to the live music party set for Friday evening at the Fox Theater sponsored by the Warriors superstar and Under Armour.

"Didn't sleep. Pretty much partied with a few other cars," said Alnetta Harrison.

Curry announced the event on Instagram Tuesday night, and Thursday was the day to get tickets.

But only the first 225 people in line got vouchers for two tickets each. Kimberly Delaney was number 225.

"This was meant to be. I don't normally do this. I just came with my kids and ended up with two tickets and they are going," she said.

"It is great that [Curry] is doing something for Oakland. I'm just glad I get to go," said 15-year-old Maya Delaney.

The live show features rap artists E-40 and Mistah F.A.B. 

Curry said on Instagram he plans to be there to celebrate Oakland and his ten years with the Warriors.

The doors of the store opened on schedule at noon. People came out moments later, tickets in hand. They were ecstatic.

"I'm going to party with Steph Curry," said one woman.

"It's lke my birthday, Christmas, Easter all in one," said Alnetta Harrison.

But most people here came away empty-handed.

Wednesday saw a lot of confusion over when tickets were to be made available and whether purchases were necessary. They aren't.

"I've been here two days in a row. I have nothing. And I am very upset about it Steph Curry," said Diane McNair of Oakland.

"We had so much hope. Now bloop. So we are waiting. We have that glimmer of hope," said Cece Garafoli.

But the lucky ones  are ready to celebrate. 

"Thank you Steph. Love you," said one woman.

People can still try to get tickets through radio station KMEL, which is having a giveaway, but tickets will no longer be available at the store or at the Fox Theater.