Smurf update: Kitten to be placed in foster care this week

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A rescued kitten that may have been used as a chew toy for dogs is on an "upward course" and is expected to be placed in regular foster care later this week.

The kitten nicknamed "Smurf" weighed one-pound, 10-ounces when he was brought to the Redwood City based Nine Lives Foundation.

The kitten was dyed a bluish purple color from head to toe. Animal rescue workers say he suffered roughly 20 wounds to his body.

He now has a healthy appetite and is "doing really well," according Dr. Julie Desai, a veterinarian with Nine Lives.

Smurf has started grooming himself and has taken a liking to watching television, with a special interest in the show "MasterChef Junior," Desai said.   

Smurf also has a new companion, WANDA, a blind kitten that has become dependent on Smurf and looks to him for comfort.

Shelter officials said the two have become very close and will be in foster care together. They will eventually be adopted together as well.

Officials said the pair has been under medical foster care, which involves having a medical professional take care of the kittens.

On Thursday, the kittens are expected to be placed in "regular" foster care.

Officials hope to have the kittens ready for adoption in about five to six months.

Smurf was rescued in San Jose and brought to the shelter on Dec. 28 with bite wounds all over his body.

The shelter says people across the country and even around the world have inquired about adopting Smurf.

The people at Nine Lives appreciate all the attention that Smurf has brought to their facility, but they say it's not just about him. It's about the hundreds of other cats who also need good homes.

Nine Lives has more than 400 cats waiting to be adopted.

There is no word on who is behind Smurf's animal abuse case.