Snap adds dual HD cameras to third generation Spectacles

Snap's new Spectacles 3, priced at $380 features dual HD cameras. Photo:

Snap announced a new version of its wearable sunglasses Tuesday – which now incorporate dual HD cameras, enabling 3D effects and AR graphics on captured footage.

The new glasses, available to pre-order for $380 at will ship in fall 2019, making them a far more expensive offering compared to its predecessor, which cost $150.

The sunglasses are bundled with a leather charging case that can store up to four charges, and topped up with a USB-C charging cable. The new Spectacles are available in two colors – carbon and mineral, based on a lightweight steel frame with circular lenses.

Spectacles 3 also captures high-fidelity audio with a 4-microphone array. The wearable can wirelessly sync footage to the phone, where Snapchat's filters and effects can be applied to it.

Snap's glasses, first introduced in September 2016 weren't exactly a hit – the company reportedly wrote off $40 million due to unsold inventory in late 2016. Nevertheless, Snap has persisted with the device, releasing two versions of Spectacles 2 in April and September 2018.

While Snap hasn't shared detailed technical specs of the device, media reports say that Spectacles 3 has 4 GB of storage, and can store 100 video or 1200 photos. The package also includes a 3D viewer (made out of cardboard), similar to how Google Cardboard works.