Snowfall from 67% to 161%: Huge shift in California drought

Photo courtsey: Vail Resorts

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Recent storms bearing some of the heaviest snow and rain to hit Northern California in decades have helped bring a dramatic turnaround after more than five years of drought, which covered the state just a year ago.

Here are key numbers to know as the record dry spell eases:



Total rain in the last 10 days along California's central coast, according to the National Weather Service



Snowfall in the Sierra Nevada as a percent of average on Jan. 3, according to the weather service



Snowfall in the same mountains as a percent of average on Thursday



Amount of water California's reservoirs were off the average, by acre-feet, or annual supplies for a household, in 2015



Amount of water the reservoirs were off the average in January 2017, according to Jay Lund at the University of California, Davis



How many years' worth of normal rainfall was missing from the worst-hit parts of California ahead of January's storms, according to hydrologist Claudia Faunt of the U.S. Geological Survey


174 MPH

Blizzard winds in Sierra Nevada on Jan. 8, measured at Squaw Valley, according to the weather service