Some residents want 'peace,' not music pavilion along Berkeley waterfront

The city of Berkeley is considering changes to its waterfront area, specifically at the 90-acre Cesar Chavez Park.

Berkeley says its goal is to achieve a "financially self-sustainable, publicly owned marina."

However, at a meeting on Wednesday, some people spoke out against the development.

"We don't need more entertainment," one woman said. "We need more peace and quiet."

Another resident said: "My view is that is our culture is drowning in entertainment. {We don't need] more stimulation, attractions and distractions." 

The city says that before COVID, large public events were held at the Berkeley waterfront for several decades, including the kite festival July 4th celebrations and musical concerts.

In April, Berkeleyside noted that one plan for this area would be to create a large oval event area with a pavilion on the southern half of the park. The second plan wants to turn the native plant area into a large adventure park. 

The city estimates that the maximum revenue from the largest events would come to $170,000 a year, Berkeleyside reported.

The city says no final decisions have been made and there will be more discussion and community feedback before the draft plan is released.