Sonoma nurse miraculously survives car being ripped in half in Hwy 101 accident

Even though Apol Lansang has to use a crutch for a while, she will tell you she is a walking miracle.

"I should have died. I should have died. I can't believe I survived. And I asked the question: Why did I survive?" Lansang told KTVU from her friend's home in Santa Rosa,
Lanang's white Chevy Impala tore in two after a wreck on highway 101, near Geysers Road north of Cloverdale Saturday morning.

Lansang was heading south on 101 from Ukiah. She was on her way to a bible studies class in Sonoma. She says a silver SUV traveling from the opposite direction suddenly drifted into her lane.

"All I did was think fast, think quick. I turned my wheel to the left to try and get out of the way, but he was coming too fast," she said.

The impact sent her car spinning.
Lansang is a deeply religious 25-year-old nurse from Sonoma. She thought her life was about to end.
"If this is my last day on earth I just want to say I love you to my family before." she said through tears.
Luckily, Lansang was wearing her seat belt and that no one else was in the car.

She suffered bruises including to her hip, which she says should heal in a few weeks.

The other driver Kevin Fenty of Southern California was thrown from his SUV but suffered non-life threatening injuries.

The California Highway Patrol arrested the driver of the SUV on charges of driving under the influence of drugs and possession of marijuana.

The video of the wreck has gone viral. We spoke with Tom Bond, the man who shot it. 

He says he arrived on the scene moments after impact.

"When I finished my 3-hour drive to Chico the first thing I did was put this video out there so it would save other lives over Mother's Day weekend," Bond said.

Apol Lansang says she believes she survived to fulfill a higher purpose.

"There's a reason I’m still alive. I need to use my life wisely and for helping others," she said.