Special needs tricycle stolen

Someone has stolen a specialized adult tricycle that that helps special needs students at Del Amigo Continuation High in Danville. School officials and police are now asking for help from the public.

The tricycle was kept in a storage cage on campus when someone broke in and took off with it. 
Whoever stole it when to some trouble to get to it.

Police say the thief used a bolt cutter or grinder to cut the lock on one gate before accessing the storage cage which was also padlocked.
"This lock was cut. Additionally, they put cable locks around each of the tricycles inside and that was cut as well before they removed it," says Danville Police Officer Kyle Rhoton.

Officer Rhoton says the only item stolen was the specialized adult tricycle with side by side seats and a middle steering column.

Del Amigo Continuation High officials had just purchased it before the Thanksgiving holiday for its special needs students. 
"This one was special. It has two seats. Some of our kids can't drive the bikes themselves so a teacher goes with them and allows more kids to participate so it's very disappointing when something like this happens," says Elizabeth Graswich, San Ramon Valley Unified School District spokeswoman. 

Students had only used it for two days before the Thanksgiving break.

The trike was part of the school's program to help 53 special needs students transition from being teenagers to adults.

It gave them mobility so the can develop independent living skills.

"The program allows them to go into the community to learn how to use cash to go to the grocery store, go to Starbucks. They have a coffee cart they use to sell coffee and goodies from Starbucks or other places," says Graswich.

But when school resumed Monday, they discovered the burglary and the trike gone.
It was the only one the school has that's a two seater.

It's dark blue with black seats. Police say there is surveillance video of a suspicious person in the school parking lot over the weekend but it hasn't provided helpful clues.
"We want to get it back. We want to get it back to these kids," says Officer Rhoton.

The school bought the adult tricycle for $400 because it was used.

Police say a new basic model can run more than $1,300. 

Police say they've received tips that the trike was spotted along the Iron horse trail and in downtown Walnut Creek, but so far, no lead has panned out. 

Anyone who sees the tricycle should contact law enforcement.