Spin-outs cause traffic on slick roads in Bay Area's first round of rain

Slick roads are the result of the bay area's first round of rain in 2018 and drivers tend to forget to heed warnings from CHP on proper driving techniques.

If you drive in the Bay Area, you're used to seeing break lights and bumper to bumper traffic, but not at two in the afternoon heading towards Oakland on westbound highway 24.

The rain combined with slick roads and increased speeds likely caused this driver to lose control.

His pickup truck took a beating after it collided with the guardrail, crushing a huge portion of it. 

Luckily the driver was ok.

Traffic was heavy and drivers inching closer to the scene were still making bad decisions.

“People are being impatient. They can see what's going on, they can see our lights, they can see the flares out, but people wait for the last second to get on over and that's causing a collision,” said CHP Officer Brandon Correia.

Correia let KTVU ride along with him to witness some of the drivers' behaviors, telling us calls for spinouts increased Wednesday.

"Once the rain started about an hour and a half ago I probably heard at least 10 on the radio," he said. 

He says drivers need to maintain their distance and slow their speed in inclement weather and watch the traffic patterns 1,000 feet ahead to allow yourself time to respond accordingly.

"So if I were to just gas it, not prepare for a stop that's all of a sudden happening and I put in steering input you're most likely going to spin out or slide especially in this type of weather," said Correia. 

That will get you nowhere fast, because you'll likely end up in an accident. 

Two men were hit by another driver Wednesday afternoon. The driver responsible for the accident had to be hospitalized after he went flying into their truck.

"He fishtailed and lost it," said Richard Mike Ortiz of Pittsburg.  "I guess he corrected it and thought he was going to be alright and he just took off towards the other side of the highway and ran right into us."

Everyone is expected to be ok.

"I got my side kind of messed up, but god willing we're all good,” said Brian Murphy of Pittsburg. “Drive safe.”