St. Anthony Foundation celebrates Thanksgiving in the Tenderloin

Singing and celebration kicked off the second annual Giving Thanks Celebration and Block Party hosted by St. Anthony Foundation in San Francisco on Tuesday. 

The charitable organization brought together volunteers and those in need to celebrate the spirit of Thanksgiving. 

"It's really an opportunity for all of us to get out into the street and to mingle with our neighbors a little bit and introduce them to some of the programs we offer and give away some great gifts," said Bryan Young from St. Anthony Foundation.

The organization handed out treats, hygiene kits and warm clothing to those in need in the Tenderloin District

"I got socks, a hat, a beanie hat," said Norman Robinson. "All this stuff comes in handy. It's important for everybody, you know, and I appreciate everything. I appreciate St. Anthony's and all these people that have come out to help out."

Organizers say this time of year traditionally brings out the spirit of giving, especially in November and December, and it is only possible because of the generosity of others. "So people can help out by volunteering or going online to and making a donation," said Young.

The event drew some volunteers, including former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who said it's a family tradition. "This is out tradition, this is our blessing, this is what we love to do," said Rep. Pelosi.

District 11 Supervisor Ahsha Safaí helped to pass out socks and warm clothing, part of a family tradition. "We're constantly reflecting," said Safaí. "Thankful for what we have, but understand that so much of why we're here is to give and help other people."

Organizers said they're thankful that so many people have turned out in the spirit of generosity, and they hope to see that last through the holiday season. 

And one final wish, they said they're hopeful they see that generous spirit continue on into the new year.