State gas tax increases Monday, along with other transit options

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You might see long lines at gas stations around the state on Sunday.

Many drivers might want to get one last full tank before California raises its state gas tax on Monday.

California gas prices are already the highest in the nation. They are set to climb even higher, when the state tax increases 5.6 cents a gallon.

The money will be split between state and local governments, to help pay for more road and bridge repairs, as well as improvements to public transit.

This will be the latest increase from a 2017 law designed to raise about $5 billion a year for road and mass transit programs.

Other prices going up on Monday, include the toll at the Golden Gate Bridge.

FasTrak users will pay 35-cents more, to $7.35.

The toll rate for drivers paying cash goes from $8 to $8.20

Carpool rate increases from $8 to $8.35.

Fares on the Golden Gate Ferry & Golden Gate Transit buses will also increase, as part of a 5-year plan approved in March, to help cover the $75 million budget  up.

AC Transit is also raising some fares starting Monday. Adult fares are going up 15-cents to $2.50. Children, seniors and the disabled will pay a dime more, to $1.25.

AC Transit  says it will use the additional revenues to continue to provide safe and efficient service.