Stolen vehicle pursuit ends with AC Transit bus crashing into Oakland home

A high speed police chase Friday afternoon ended with a public bus slamming into a home in Oakland. The stolen car that California Highway Patrol was pursuing is believed to have caused the crash.

"I heard a lot of screaming and shouting and the next thing I know the bus was careening into the living room," said Daryl Meshack.

Meshack who relies on a lift to get around his home, said he was moments away from riding down to his kitchen when the AC Transit bus veered into his home on the corner of 10th Street and Market Street.

"It knocked all of the supporting beams like two by fours, four by fours and all of that, that’s in the living room," said Meshack.

The CHP pursuit of the stolen vehicle started in Berkeley. CHP chased the Toyota westbound on Highway 24 to Interstate 980, before it exited on 27th street. A Oakland Police chopper was keeping eyes on the stolen car, when its driver slammed into the public bus.

"The first thing that I witness was the bus driver pleading for help," said Meshack.

Meshack said he immediately called 911. Neighbor Mercedes Rodriquez was outside the home when officers arrived and headed towards the stolen Toyota, where a driver and three passengers were found inside.

"They were in bad condition. I saw when they were trying to get them out of the car and they laid them on the ground." said Rodriquez.

CHP said four people inside the stolen vehicle were taken to the hospital. The driver suffered a broken bone. Officers also discovered two handguns and an assault rifle in the car.

Meanwhile, inside the bus, AC Transit says two passengers and the bus driver, all suffered minor injuries, and were also taken to the hospital.

CHP says the driver and three passengers in the stolen vehicle were detained. Charges have yet to be released.