Stores running low on hand sanitizer as coronavirus fears surge

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer gels have significantly reduced the spread of gastrointestinal infections in the home, according (Photo by Kirk McKoy/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

As fears over the spread of the coronavirus increase, so does the demand for cleaning and disinfectant products. 

Shoppers are clearing out the shelves at CVS and Walgreens for products like hand sanitizers, face masks, and cleaning wipes, CNN reports. CVS warned that it may see a shortage in those products in the wake of the coronavirus. 

"This demand may cause temporary shortages at some store locations and we re-supply those stores as quickly as possible," a spokesperson for CVS told the news outlet. 

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After Solano County declared a health emergency over COVID-19, a target in Vallejo was nearly wiped clean of hand sanitizer. All that was left were travel size bottles.

There's no vaccine for the novel coronavirus, but the Center for Disease Control says the best way to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection is by washing your hands with soap and water.