Stretch of warm weather persists around the Bay Area

There’s a good chance temperatures flirting with 80 degrees has the seasonal calendar is confused. From the beach to the bay, and all points in-between, summer has sprung across California.

"I took a day off from work. It’s just perfect weather everywhere in California," said Brian Wright, who was visiting Santa Cruz from Stockton.

With few clouds, and an even scarcer chance of rain, people are flocking to area parks and coastal beaches, such as Cowell’s Beach in Santa Cruz.

"On any warm, beautiful day, a lot of people like to come over the hill, as we call it, and spend a lot of time here in Santa Cruz," said Jeff Gaffney, the Santa Cruz County parks director.

The beach weather, in February, makes bookwork and bordem more manageable for a group of college students who were headed to Cowell’s.

"Why not come here? Instead of being trapped in a small room, when you have this access," said student Rellie Margolin.

Climate scientists say a trap, of sorts, is responsible for the region’s current run of sun, warmth, and no rain. It’s been weeks since water fell, and it could be several more weeks before "rainy season" lives up to its name.

"We often get a February warm spell," said San Jose State University climate scientist Dr. Alison Bridger. "Whatever weather system is over us, it keeps not moving, and keeps staying the same. And that’s really the big difference from the past."

If the past is prologue, many more atypical winter days lay ahead, as people from Bay Area and beyond pay homage to the sun.

"This place has had my heart. And it just makes me happy being close to the water and close to the ocean," said Nikki Agnew, Boulder Creek resident who drove down to the beach in Santa Cruz. Added Danielle DeSantiago, at the coast from Lodi, Calif., "It’s a nice beautiful place to come visit, every time.

Daylight Savings Time begins 2a.m. Mar. 13. So Californians will have longer days to enjoy the great winter weather.