Students get help for teacher suffering medical emergency

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A class of fifth graders are being praised for their quick-thinking when they realized their teacher had fallen and needed medical help.

It happened Thursday during recess at South Salem Elementary School in Newton County.

It was very impressive what these 10-years-olds did to help get their teacher the medical help she needed. For many, when faced with an emergency, they panic, but not these kids. They jumped right into action, divided up the responsibilities, and got their teacher the medical help she needed.

Ava Wooddell and Kennadi Wilson, both 10, admit what happened on their school playground Thursday was scary but say they knew they needed to get it together to help their teacher. The 5th graders from South Salem Elementary were outside for recess when the unthinkable happened.

That’s when Kennadi ran over to the teacher and grabbed the walkie-talkie. Ava ran to a door she saw was ajar.

The other students ran to the other doors and windows hollering for help, while others stayed with the teacher, comforting here until help arrived.

Principal Terran Newman said they are beyond proud of these kids.

The teacher involved is doing okay but was not in school Friday. She passed on a message that she was very thankful for her kids and is very proud.