Surveillance video shows suspect stealing van from Livermore food pantry

Police in Livermore are searching for thieves who stole a white van from outside a non-profit's office that gives food to those in need.

A van that was stolen from outside a Livermore food pantry earlier this week was recovered Thursday. 

A spokesperson for the Tri Valley Haven Food Pantry said the vehicle was found near downtown with no outward damage.

"We received wonderful messages of support from the community: some even going so far as to offer their own vans. Thank you very much," the nonprofit said.

Surveillance video captured thieves making off with the van Monday morning. Video shows the van's brake lights come on and the driver backing ut of the parking spot before driving away.

Ralph Johnson,  director of homeless services, told KTVU on Tuesday that the thief cut their way through a security fence.

"The fence was cut and they came through that avenue," he said, pointing to the surveillance video. "The van being hot-wired. You could see the back lights going off and on. The van finally moved and left the parking lot."

Johnson said his nonprofit uses that van to make grocery store pick-ups of food to be delivered to people in need.

The pantry provides free groceries, fresh fruit and veggies to more than 4,000 Tri-Valley residents each month. 

For more information on the pantry, click here.