Surveillance video shows woman snatching rare Australian Shepherd from Los Gatos store

Police in Los Gatos are investigating the theft of a rare toy Australian Shepherd named "Bowie." 

John Miller spent Sunday afternoon posting fliers that read "Urgent Stolen Dog," after Bowie was taken in front of the Safeway on North Santa Cruz Avenue two days earlier. The breed for puppies is valued at $3,000. Miller believes whoever took Bowie, planned it. 

 Miller tied his dog Bowie to a pole outside the Safeway downtown numerous times with no problems. In the past, he had only left Bowie outside for a few minutes in a shaded place because the supermarket does not permit dogs.

 But this time, when Miller returned about 4 p.m., Bowie was gone. Safeway’s security camera video shows someone snatched Bowie.

 "It was shock, total shock and disbelief," said Miller. "I ran around looking to see if I could see the person who had taken him. I didn't see anything."

 Cameras captured a woman park her car and with a large bag in tow, she walks directly to Bowie’s spot.

 A Safeway employee witnessed the woman, with long reddish hair, pet Bowie, take the leash, and walk off. Miller said the employee thought the woman knew the dog.

"My dog is very friendly and he loves everybody," said Miller.

 The woman drives off in a black Mercedes. Miller believes he missed them by a minute. He is heartbroken.

 "Bowie is my only dog, he’s my companion," said Miller.

 "He’s just the most lovable dog I have ever met," said Karen Vincent of Los Gatos.

 Bowie is 2 years old, 15 pounds, blue Merle, blue and brown eyes. Miller and Bowie are often seen around town together.

 "Everybody who is a local at every coffee shop and every restaurant knows John and they know his dog," said Vincent.

 Miller doesn’t think the woman was trying to help the dog because Bowie hasn't been returned. He worries Bowie, who is microchipped, was taken to be resold.

 "Please bring him back," said Miller. "We miss him. If the person is afraid to bring him back I don’t really want to press charges at this time."

Police describe the car as a black Mercedes Benz ML SUV. They are working on retrieving a license plate. Miller has taken to social media and created a website  to find his pet. 

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