Antioch police arrest suspect in multiple optometry business burglaries

A man was arrested Friday night in connection with several eye optometry office burglaries, Antioch police said.     

Jesse Alexander, 40, allegedly burglarized Garret Louie Optometry at 2225 Buchanan Road, and Eye to Eye Optometry at 4051 Lone Tree Way, then attempted to hit Diablo Valley Optometric Group at 5009 Lone Tree Way.

Police allege the suspect filled bags with glasses from the first two locations, so they began to watch other optometry businesses in Antioch.

Police said they were watching Diablo Valley Optometric Group when Alexander arrived at the location and attempted to gain entry by shattering a window.   

Alexander ran away when police tried to make contact but was detained shortly after.     

Police allegedly located Alexander's vehicle in a Walmart parking lot and found stolen glasses from the other break-ins inside the car. 

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