Video: Suspect follows 84-year-old woman home from bank, then police say he robs her

A Mesa woman was robbed at gunpoint right outside on her driveway, and now she and the police are on the hunt for the suspect after he was caught on security video.

It was a terrifying experience, to say the least, but Claudette Jones is one tough 84-year-old woman. The robbery was over in almost a blink of an eye, and luckily, her security camera caught the whole ordeal on camera.

"It was such a surprise, and he did it so fast, just so fast," Jones said. "When I saw that gun, I knew I was in trouble."

Jones recalls the terrifying few seconds when the man followed her home from the bank, blocked her in her own driveway, and ran up to her car demanding money.

"It could have ended badly, and I think I had slapped his hand and that was the hand that he had that gun in. I thought, ‘You stupid lady. He could turn around and shoot you,’ but I was just upset that he was in my face," Jones said.

She claims she saw the man following her all the way home from the bank, possibly assuming she’d have cash on her.

"Saw me come out of the bank and probably thought because I was elderly I had drawn out some money, but I didn’t draw out any money. I was just paying my credit card bill, but I did have my grandson's rent money in my purse," she said.

Once he had her purse, he dropped some credit cards on the ground and drove away. She went inside and called the police and says his hand and fingerprints were found on the vehicle and are being tested.

"I could not believe that face was right here with a gun pointed at me like that, and I said, ‘Who are you?’ I couldn’t imagine that happening to me. I’m tough, but that scared the crap out of me," Jones said.

She now wants others to be on high alert as the suspect hasn’t been caught or identified.

"I learned some lessons, yes. I learned, but he’s not going to make me a victim. I’m not afraid to leave my house, I’m not afraid to drive my car. I’m a little ticked with him for stealing my purse and my iPhone," Jones said.

Police say if you feel like you’re being followed, do not go home and instead drive to a police station or a busy shopping center. Also, call 911 and do not open your doors.

If you have any information regarding this robbery, call Mesa Police at 480-644-2211.

You can donate here to help recover the money that was stolen:

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