Teachers, students feel unsafe in San Jose school district

For the first time in nearly a month, teachers and students spoke directly to leaders at the East Side Union High School District about why they don't feel safe at school. 

The Thursday night meeting comes after weeks of incidents, including one where two kids were stabbed at James Lick High School last month. 

Other incidents include strangers driving on campuses or threats made against schools. And a threat was made to Yerba Buena High School last week. 

Parents and students spoke for more than two hours. Many were frustrated and said they felt unsafe.

One student listed off all the issues she's experienced or heard about in the last few weeks.


3rd suspect arrested in Oakland's Skyline High School shooting case

A third suspect has been taken in connection with the shooting at Skyline High School in Oakland, according to authorities. 

 "A teacher was hospitalized by a student who did not attend James Lick while she was trying to report the problem," the student said. "There was a fight that resulted in two students being stabbed and hospitalized by students who did not attend James Lick. A girl overdosed in the bathroom. And countless fights breaking out nearly every week."

District officials they made some changes before the school year to enhance safety at each campus.

Campus monitors and administrators are there for student support. But the district does not employ school resource officers.

But the district is working with San Jose police to investigate the recent incidents.