Teen dies after falling from cliff in San Francisco

San Francisco Fire Dept. Battalion Chief Denise Newman 

A female teenager has died after she reportedly fell from a cliff and went into the water at Lands End in San Francisco this evening.

The incident occurred at about 6:30 p.m. near the Lands End Labyrinth, according to San Francisco Fire Department spokesman Jonathan Baxter said.

"She had multiple injuries and fractures. She was barely breathing when we got to her. She fell all the way down to the water. I would say approximately 10 or 15 minutes in the water. She was with two other people. A teenager and an adult," said Battalion Chief Denise Newman with the San Francisco Fire Department. 

Newman said the circumstances surrounding the fall were unclear. She didn't know if she simply slipped or if the group she was with was fooling around. 

"All we know is that we got that call saying that her friend had fallen off the cliff," Newman said. 

Rescue swimmers were able to reach the teen, who was unconscious and initially reported to be in critical condition, according to Baxter.

"Strong and treacherous search conditions" initially hampered the rescue crew's ability to reach the victim, but ultimately, "crews fought aggressively and got to the victim", Baxter said.

The victim was secured to a floating device and crews transported to her China Beach.

Crews with the U.S. National Park Service assisted the fire department with the rescue operation.