Tempe man accused of peeking into young girl's bedroom window

A Tempe man is accused of peeking into the bedroom window of a young girl. According to court documents, Donald Grand Paddock, was arrested at his home on March 28 for alleged surreptitious viewing, and has since been charged with a count of unlawful viewing/taping/recording.

Court documents state the incident happened on March 24, when the victim was lying in her bed at home home whe she notice a man looking through her bedroom window at her. The man fled the scene after he was reportedly scared away from the area by another person.

Paddock, 46, who reportedly lives in the same neighborhood as the victim, was identified in a photographic lineup.

According to police, it was not easy for Paddock to peer through the girl's bedroom window, as the window was 5.5 feet above the ground. Investigators say Paddock had to stand on a pile of river rocks, and was likely tip-toeing to be able to peek through the window.

Police did not say how long Paddock may have been watching the girl. Paddock, however, denied watching her through the window, and admitted to police he was in the area at the time of the incident to use free wi-fi that was available.

Paddock tried to defend himself in front of a judge, who ordered him to have no contact with the victim or the arresting officer, and to not return to the scene of the alleged crime.