Terminally ill 6-year-old girl fulfills bucket wish list to become police officer

It will be a day she'll always remember, says 6-year-old Olivia Gant's mother after her daughter got to don a police uniform, drive around in a patrol car, and even "make an arrest."

Two years ago, Olivia was diagnosed with neurogastrointestinal disorder.

The little girl was hospitalized for a month and is now in hospice care and dealing with intestinal failure, according to mom Kelly Gant.

So without knowing how much longer they have with their daughter, Olivia's family helped her create a bucket list.

Thanks to the Denver Police Department, last week she got to cross off "catch a bad guy with police" from that list.

Her mother explains that with Olivia's condition, they have called 911 numerous times. And every time an ambulance arrives, police also respond.

So Olivia has gotten used to seeing police around and has developed a special appreciation for the work they do.

"She wanted to be like the ones that come help her. She wanted to help others," Kelly Gant says.

Olivia is also autistic and has been on a difficult road as she deals with her terminal illness. The young girl is in constant pain. She is on intravenous therapy and on pain medication around the clock.

Kelly Gants says her daughter's condition sometimes even causes her to forget who her own family members are. But through the physical struggles, through the difficult medical treatments, "there's always a smile," according to Olivia's mom.

So this day was another opportunity for smiles.

In a video posted on the Denver Police Department's Facebook page, Olivia's delight is seen on her face as she performs her duty as officer for a day.

During a ceremony, the police force gives its newest member a salute and another special honor.

Police Chief Robert White presents Olivia his badge and let's her take on the role as honorary chief for the day.

White also offers her something else. He says that as his men and women in uniform pray for each other's safety every single day, that is what they will do for the little girl.
"I want you to know that we're going to keep you in our prayers and we'll be praying for you," the chief promised.