Thai mango salad by Chef Ariel Layug

Chef Ariel Layug showing Rosemary Orozco how to make Thai Mango Salad

OAKLAND (KTVU) - From dreaming about becoming a chef in the Philippines to landing a dream job under the big top. Chef Ariel Layug, the head chef and kitchen manager of VOLTA by Cirque du Soleil, is in charge of feeding more than one hundred people each day. During Mornings On 2, Layug showed Rosemary Orozco how to make a healthy alternative for your holiday dinner table.

This is his recipe for Thai Mango Salad:

1 LB         Shrimp cooked and peeled

3         Firm mangoes, sliced or julienned 

1/2 pint     Cherry tomatoes

1/3 cup        Chopped peanuts 

1 tbsp         Fried garlic or shallots 




Juice of 3 limes

3        Thai chilies chopped

1 tbsp        Garlic clove chopped (1tbspn)

1 tbsp        Ginger peeled and chopped
Combine ingredients and gently toss with the dressing